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Custom Homes:


The Design Process


Your home whatever the size is your castle so put together what we call a wish list made up of ideas, photos and or sketches and bring them to the initial meeting. We then with your help determine what things and features are priority. With that information we then work up sketches and CAD layouts for review until we have an agreed on a final design for production.


Construction Drawings


We then produce a set of construction documents, a fully developed set of technical drawings and specifications that define the construction requirements. These plans are uniquely prepared for the contractor or a pre selected builder that may need a competitive prebidding tool.

Custom Design Fees


Custom Design fees are calculated at a per square footage rate ( total under roof) based on complexity. Call us today to get a quote.


Prices and fees subject to change without notice. Plans and AutoCAD CD's are not returnable.



We understand that building your Dream Home may not  always be in the budget so we have the next best alternative. We will take your existing home and transform it into the Dream Home you've always wanted. Whether it's adding a sunroom, expanding the master bedroom, or maybe just some kitchen modifications, whatever it may be let us help make that process run smoothly and come to life for you. Call us today for more information.

Plans Includes:


  • Coversheet w/ Index

  • Foundation Plan

  • Floor Plans

  • Roof Plans

  • Elevations

  • House-Section

  • Typical Structural Details

  • Electrical Plan Layout






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